Who are the OFFSPEX suppliers?

OFFSPEX suppliers are producers of the food industry. These suppliers may use OFFSPEX to add value to their different products, which are vastly diverse: from dry to liquid and single orders to continuous orders. 

The reasons for rejection may vary. For example: a product can be rejected because of a manufacturing defect, expiry of shelf life for human consumption or damage to packaging/product. 

Who are the OFFSPEX buyers?

The OFFSPEX buyer is a producer in the feed industry. The buyer uses the raw materials for manufacturing and doesn’t supply them to a third party, meaning the end of the line. The buyers are active throughout Europe in various markets such as the calf and pig-milk industries, the compound feed and pet food and aqua feed industries.

The buyers have the necessary certificates for the use of raw materials in food production. 

1. Registration supplier

  • The supplier registers via the OFFSPEX website

1. Registration buyer

  • Buyer registers via the OFFSPEX website
  • In the registration the buyer specifies on what product they are interested in

2. Advice and placing the product

  • After registration, OFFSPEX makes personal contact
  • OFFSPEX gives advice on the next steps
  • The product is placed on the platform
  • The supplier will remain anonymous until the deal is done

2. Offer

  • Offers are placed within product groups on the offer page
  • Registered users have access to all product information
  • Non-registered users can only see the basic information; they would need to sign in first
  • OFFSPEX sends a new update to all (relevant) registered buyers when products are offered

3. Interest

  • An additional information or a sample of the product may be requested
  • Bids will be received directly by the supplier
  • In case of a bid, the business of the interested buyer is announced

3. Offer

  • Er kan geboden worden op een product op de aanbodpagina
  • Een bieding is persoonlijk en alleen zichtbaar voor de leverancier
  • Er wordt verklaard dat het product voor eigen productie wordt gebruikt
  • Bij een bieding ontvangt de afnemer binnen maximaal 3 werkdagen feedback

4. Deal

  • Free choice of whether, and with which interested buyer business is done.
  • Sales Confirmation will be sent directly to the recipient.
  • If desired OFFSPEX will coordinate the logistics.

4. Deal

  • The release of product origin happens as soon as there is an agreement.
  • Purchase Confirmation will be sent directly to the supplier.
  • OFFSPEX will coordinate the logistics in cooperation with the supplier.

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  • Full focus on core business
  • Product goes directly to the final destination
  • Better proceeds without intermediaries 

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  • Transparency of product origin
  • Competitive price by direct connection with supplier
  • Wide range of products