We are OFFSPEX. We strive for transparency. Transparency in the way different food products reach the feed industry. 

By forming a direct connection between the food and feed industry, we ensure greater transparency in the area of product origin, price and destination. In this way we ensure a better quality.

It is our passion to best serve the interests of both the food and feed industry.


It is often unclear how different products end up in the feed industry, through which links they travel and whether the product is processed in the meantime. This creates fear of reputational damage to the supplier, the producer of the food industry.

The requirements in the feed industry are becoming stricter, partly fuelled by the scandals of recent years, meaning the feed producer is becoming more demanding when buying raw materials.

A clear insight into the quality and origin of the product is an important source of information. The more intermediaries are in the way the worse it can be. 

These developments intrigued us, so we started looking for a lasting solution. A transparent and quality led business model. And that has become OFFSPEX.

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  • Full focus on core business
  • Product goes directly to the final destination
  • Better proceeds without intermediaries 

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  • Transparency of product origin
  • Competitive price by direct connection with supplier
  • Wide range of products